Web Design for Professional Services

We are excited about design websites for Professional Services. In particular, we work for Professionals in Aventura, Brickell, Coral Gables, Doral and Miami Beach.

For over 15 years we have been designing websites. We are plenty qualified to design your website. Contact us about your project.

Web Design for Professional Services

How are the websites we make?

High Quality

The balanced combination of good design with usability


Your website can be ready in a week. Or 2 days. You decide


Website design projects starts at $649. Most customers fit in that package

Why is so important to own a website?

Today, the Internet is the first source of information for almost everybody. People search the Internet for professionals and companies that offer services or sell the products they need.

Since there is a lot of products and services on the Internet, your company’s website must be easy to be found, nice and usable. Well, that is our job.

Why is so important to own a website?

We design websites for Professional Services

People and companies regularly need professional services and search for them on the Internet. These can be painting, gardening, repairs and equipment maintenance, photography, decorations, cleaning, dress design, etc. Therefore, those who offer these professional services need a website.

Professional Services

With a website of their own, those offering professional services could receive contacts from potential clients, show their services, experience, portfolio, etc.

We have made websites to offer professional services and that is how we understand their needs and what their customers are looking for. Of course, each service, and who offers it, may have specific needs and we adapt to that.

If these professional services are offered in Aventura, Brickell, Coral Gables, Doral or Miami Beach we can also take pictures of the facilities, equipment, staff, etc. This could give your website a unique character that is not achieved otherwise.

It will be a pleasure to make a website to offer your professional service. Request a quote now.

We have been doing this lately

E-Commerce for a flowers company in Miami, USA, in English and Spanish.

Miller Smith Equipment products showcase in 10 languages.

Informative website in portuguese for a product targeted to brazilian market.

Corporative website in English and Spanish for freight forwarding company based in Miami, USA.

Corporative website in English for a construction company based in Georgia and Florida, USA.

Extreme Welds

Welding and cutting manufacturer products showcase.

We have designed a lot of websites. These are only some of the most recents, but if you want to see more of what we have made, you can go to our portfolio.

We are focused in this areas

Although we have clients in several countries, such as Spain, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, etc. we focus on businesses that are in the cities or districts of Aventura, Brickell, Coral Gables, Doral and Miami Beach. This allows us to occasionally have in-presence meetings and take photos, if necessary.

How is the process to design a website?

The experience working with many web projects has helped us to delineate a process that has worked very well. The goal is to have your website up and running in just a few days.

Step 1: Pre-design meeting

We meet with you to talk about your project. We listen carefully to understand clearly what your wishes and ideas are. If we see it appropriate, we offer our recommendations, based on the experience of many years in the design of websites and our constant research of the best practices.

Step 1: Pre-design meeting
Step 2: Research

Step 2: Research

Once we know whom you are targeting, we spend some time researching your audience and analyzing the competition. We do this so you can have a better digital proposal than the existing one. The ideal is to differentiate you with some added value to obtain the targeted audience’s preference.

Step 3: Design

After we have compiled all the information and have established the strategy, we get hands on to design your website. This process consists of making the information architecture and defining the look and feel for your website. This series of activities can be as long as 3 days.

Step 3: Design
Step 4: Training

Step 4: Training

If it is your wish, we train your staff involved in the administration of your website so they can update it on their own. If you prefer, we can stay and supporting you in content publishing.

Step 5: Launching

Once your website is ready, is time to launch it. We inform Google and other search engines about your website and leave everything ready for you to start receiving visitors.

Step 5: Launching

We design SEO friendly websites

It is useless to design a website that nobody will find or use. That’s why our greatest effort is to make your website easy to index by search engines, with Google being the most important.

Because of that we perform a series of tasks that few web designers do, because all that is it a very methodical works that is not obvious.

We launch the site and let it know to the search engines. Of course, if you wish we can keep working with you to propose, advise and help you with digital strategies or SEO/SEM campaigns for your products or services.

We design SEO friendly websites
We insert Google Analytics in websites

We insert Google Analytics in websites

One of the first things we do when starting to design a website is to insert the Google Analytics script. This way you can be aware of the analytics of your website.

Although it is not the only web analytics tool available in the market, it is the one better known. The information you provide is often very important to get to know your audience.

Of course, Google Analytics offers only data. If you wish, we can use our experience to form relevant information with that data and help you make decisions regarding digital strategies in the short, medium and long term.

Your website MUST be responsive

A responsive website is one which content can be adapted automatically to any screen and remain easy to use.

Nowadays, more than 50% of visits to websites are made from tablets and smartphones. That trend will increase day by day.

That is why, responsive websites, are not longer just an option, but a must.

Your website MUST be responsive

What is the price for designing a website?

That is a very important question, but at the same time very difficult to answer. Asking the price of a website design would be like asking the price of a car. It depends on what car we are talking about.

There is a very large range of prices, ranging from the super economic price that can offer a designer without knowledge or experience at the very high price that can be listed by an advertising agency.

We have a basic price for a web project that covers the needs of a person or small business who wants to have their own website, as you can see below.

What is the price for designing a website?

Website design and developing

US$ 999 US$ 649

This service includes:

  • Domain name .com or .co (first year)
  • Web server with disk space, bandwidth and unlimited email accounts (first year)
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Responsive website design (adaptable to different screens)
  • Shopping cart or catalog if is an e-commerce website
  • 2-hour course for using WordPress (optional)
  • Optimizing text and images for SEO
  • Unlimited contact forms, to receive emails from the web
  • Unlimited internal pages (links)
  • Sitemap Files and Robot.txt for Google Webmasters Tools
  • Include Google Analytics Script
  • Inclusion of Chat Box for customer service, if desired
  • Additional functions, depending on the type of website (optional, depending of the feature)

What if I need more?

No problem at all! We can do a customized plan for you. Let’s put an example.

If you have clients who speak different languages, you need a website available in as many languages as your customers speak.

Well, each additional language represents an increase of 50% to the price of web design.

To explain it better: If the base price is US$ 649, 50% of that is US$ 324.50. So, a website in 2 languages would cost US$ 973.50.

How can I pay?

As any other design project, we split the price in two parts.

We will invoice you the first half when we begin to work in your website, after the initial meeting, where we get to know what you need and want in your website.

After that, we design your website, and when ready to launch, we will invoice you the other half.

We want you to feel comfortable, and this way have proven works fine for both parts, you and us.

Take the word for our customers