Why you should have social networks profiles

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Why you should have social networks profiles

Having a presence in social networks is almost indispensable for today’s companies. However, creating and managing your profiles on social networks is not an easy task for many.

So, in this article I explain why it is necessary to have social networks and I give some recommendations to do it successfully.

With more than one billion registered users, Facebook has established itself as the most important social network in the world.

Closely follow others that complete the picture, like You Tube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Since they started, they have changed the lives of those who use them, as well as how and for what the Internet is used.

Although it seemed something designed for people, over time, companies also began to make their profiles in the main social networks.

Nowadays it is common to see in the advertisements, fences and radial spots the presence of networks of the advertising company.

Now, for those who have no experience in the matter, it can be somewhat intimidating to create and then keep going social networks profiles.

In fact, the big question can be how to react to the comments (positive and negative) received by such channels. Such issues can make someone wonder if it has value to be present in social networks.

Here are some reasons why it is necessary to have social networks and recommendations to do it successfully.

The value of social networks

Whether or not your company has a website, if someone searches for your brand on Google, for example, your social networks will be among the first search results.

A network that they privilege is Google+, of course, so whatever you put there will always go on the search for your company. So, as soon you create the profile, you have to fill it with content.

In addition, even if it is not your brand what someone searches, if you are in social networks, potential customers will find it, doing what is known as branding, have their name recorded and remembered when necessary.

On the other hand, since everything is now being looked for, the Internet, and more specifically by Google, the presence of your brand can make you win new customers and redo some lost.

In particular, but not exclusively, the younger audience, which has grown with the existence of social networks and use them naturally, such as those who are under 60 considered normal TVs, because they already existed when they were born.

Are you ready to have your own website?

The importance of social networks

Even if you are sure you need the have social network profiles, it is understandable that you feel some fear of not knowing all what is needed. The management of social networks of the company should not be left to an untrained employee; rather it could be a groupal work.

I recommend to create a guide of how to use them in your company, so that whoever executes the work does it according to the rules of the organization.

It is prudent to set a schedule (the most appropriate for each network) and upload content daily, if possible.

It is important that you always respond, with kindness, whatever the tenor of the messages received. A person who contact and is not answered, is a person who will not contact again, and may be lost as a client.

It is necessary to have a good design. Your profile on social networks, as well as the appearance of your website is the only thing that many will see of your company, and what they see will determine if they will be their customers or not.

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