High Quality and Affordable Websites

  • High Quality: the balanced combination of good design with usability
  • Speedy: Your website can be ready in a week. Or 2 days. You decide
  • Affordable: Website design projects starts at $499. Most customers fit in that package

What is the price for designing a website?

That is a very important question, but at the same time very difficult to answer. Asking the price of a website design would be like asking the price of a car. It depends on what car we are talking about.

There is a very large range of prices, ranging from the super economic price that can offer a designer without knowledge or experience at the very high price that can be listed by an advertising agency.

We have a basic price for a web project that covers the needs of a person or small business who wants to have their own website, as you can see below.

Website design and developing

US$ 549 US$ 499

This service includes:

  • Domain name .com or .co (first year)
  • Web server with disk space, bandwidth and unlimited email accounts (first year)
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Responsive website design (adaptable to different screens)
  • Shopping cart or catalog if is an e-commerce website
  • 2-hour course for using WordPress (optional)
  • Optimizing text and images for SEO
  • Unlimited contact forms, to receive emails from the web
  • Original photographs of your staff or facilities (unlimited, depends on location)
  • Unlimited internal pages (links)
  • Sitemap Files and Robot.txt for Google Webmasters Tools
  • Include Google Analytics Script
  • Inclusion of Chat Box for customer service, if desired
  • 3 months premium profile in one of our thematic web directories, it the business fit with anyone
  • Additional functions, depending on the type of website (optional)

What if I need more?

No problem at all! We can do a customized plan for you. Let’s put an example.

If you have clients who speak different languages, you need a website available in as many languages as your customers speak.

Well, each additional language has a price of 50% additional to the price of web design.

To explain it better: If the base price is US $ 499, 50% of that is US $ 249.50. So, a website in 2 languages would cost $ 748.50.

How can I pay?

As any other design project, we split the price in two parts.

We will invoice you the first half when we begin to work in your website, after the initial meeting, where we get to know what you need and want in your website.

After that, we design your website, and when ready to launch, we will invoice you the other half.

We want you to feel comfortable, and this way have proven works fine for both parts, you and us.

Are you ready to have your own website?

What is the process to design a website?

The experience working with many web projects has helped us to delineate a process that has worked very well. The goal is to have your website up and running in just a few days.

Step 1: Pre-design meeting

We meet with you to talk about your project. We listen carefully to understand clearly what your wishes and ideas are. If we see it appropriate, we offer our recommendations, based on the experience of many years in the design of websites and our constant research of the best practices.

Step 2: Research

Once we know who you’re targeting, we spend some time researching your audience and analyzing the competition. That way we do everything possible so you can have a better digital proposal than the existing one. The ideal is to differentiate with some added value to obtain the target audience’s preference.

Step 3: Design

After we have compiled all the information and have established the strategy, we get hands on to design your website. This process consists of making the information architecture and defining the look and feel for your website. This series of activities can be as long as 3 days.

Step 4: Training

If it is your wish, we train your staff involved in the administration of your website so they can update it on their own. If you prefer, we can stay and supporting you in content publishing.

Step 5: Launching

Once your website is ready, is time to launch it. We inform Google and other search engines about your website and leave everything ready for you to start receiving visitors

"If your business is not on the Internet, your business will be out of business"
- Bill Gates

Some of our most recent projects

Codinter Website


Corporative and e-commerce website en 3 languages por a multinational company located in Miami, USA.

Dr. Antonio Hallado Website 2017

Dr. Antonio Hallado

Blog and personal website in 2 languages for Dr. Antonio Hallado, a Plastic Surgeon in Valencia, Venezuela.

Tecnicas del Motor Website

Técnicas del Motor

Corporative and e-commerce website in spanish for a high-profile workshop located in Madrid, Spain.

We have designed a lot of websites. These are only some of the most recents, but if you want to see more of what we have made, you can go to our portfolio.

Get one hour free consultancy for your website!

You probably have a lot of questions and want to know the scope of your project. We want to help you choose all the details of your website, to be successful and meet your goal.

Jonathan Campos

I’m Jonathan Campos, Creative Director of Hlusick. I’m sure it will be very good thing that we talk, because this way you can solve any doubts you might have about how we would carry out your project.

We could talk on Skype, Hangouts, Whatsapp or phone, whichever works best for you.

Just fill out the form and I’ll be contacting you to set the time that suits you.

I hope to talk to you soon.

Want to know the rest of the team? Here they are.

Are you ready to have your own website?

Types of websites

According to their main purpose, websites can be classified in some of the following categories. Of course, this list encompasses the most common types of websites.

If you would like to get a more exhaustive list of the types of websites that exist, you could read the article published on Wikipedia about this topic.


They are websites that serve to show, advertise or make known to any company, brand, organization or event. They usually take up a lot of their space to promote the product or service they offer. It is customary to allow visitors to obtain more information about the main purpose of the website through mail forms. A good example are companies like Apple or Coca-Cola.


They are websites rather personal. They are widely used by journalists, speakers, photographers, designers, politicians or public figures. Usually they serve to share contents of high value for the followers of the author of the website. The theme of the website depends on the author’s field of action. Some famous blogs could be that of John Maxwell, Jonathan Fields, etc.


They are the websites that allow the purchase of physical, digital or virtual products to any user. There are many types of e-commerce web pages. A simple e-commerce website is where the company is the only one that sells its products, such as Barnes & Noble. A marketplace is a website where some users are allowed to sell through the platform. Some examples would be Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.


They are the websites where people can form groups and share information with each other. The content of these websites is formed through what each member contributes. Discussion forums, photos exchange, texts and other content are common on these websites. Social networks such as Facebook, Meetup, Nextdoor and others, are classic examples of this type of websites.


They are websites where the purpose is to find information about businesses, companies, events, products, etc. in certain place or moment. Classified websites such as OLX also fall into this definition. They can be thematic, by covering only one area of interest, or local, by offering information from a single location. Some directories are Cuchiterías and Decoradísima.


Some web pages or websites allow and encourage users to place their rating and comments on a particular subject or issue. They can vote for the most important news on websites like Reddit, give their opinion about a book or movie, as in Good Reads and Rotten Tomatoes. In websites of this type the platform does not take sides and only exposes the opinions of its users.


They are those websites that offer valuable information to the general public, without making profits from that. The contents are created by experts in their subjects and is publicly accessible. Non-profit or international organizations such as the UN, WHO or the National Cancer Institute usually have this type of website.


They are websites whose purpose is for users to play with each other. Depending on the age and preferences of the target audience they offer different games. Some of these websites allow betting, although generally the idea is to overcome challenges and gain a rank within the community. Some of the most famous game websites are Pogo, Addicting Games and Miniclip.


They are social media websites. Some do not have a printed version, but only display their contents through the website. They can have a tendency and limit themselves to content related to that topic or share any kind of news. They are very visited by the general public to know the events of the day. Some of these websites are The Hufftington Post and the Washington Post.


They are those websites whose goal is to allow entrance to intranets or external websites with a defined purpose. Content websites for privileged users are often of this type. Many companies use them to communicate processes, facilitate training, provide confidential information or only interest to members of the company. Kellogs is just one example of such websites.


They are the websites whose content is created, edited and managed by the users themselves. Generally there are no monetary interests involved and that makes them more autonomous in their criteria. The perfect example of this type of website is Wikipedia, where anyone could become a publisher. In addition, other sites like Flickr and Quora allow and encourage the free expression of its users.


They are the websites intended for teaching. They often use content software that allow users to receive classes, interact with teachers in real time and be evaluated, as does Open English. Some of these most common softwares are Moodle and Blackboard Collaborate. There are even websites of this type, such as Udemy, which allow some users to contribute their courses.

"The website is the ideal interactive support to offer a service, provide information, make business, etc. in a more complete and direct way than any other"
- Vinton Cerf

Success factors of websites

Time after time we confirm that a good website or website is a mixture of several factors. Some of them are obvious, while others are not so much.

In order to be successful and fulfill its mission, a website must have an excellent visual design, it must work, have a magnificent usability, have content oriented to the target audience and have made a good selection of all technical elements. Let’s expose each of these points.

The look and feel

Graphic or visual design is one of the reasons why users will love your website.

The design of the website is directly related to the brand.

The use of colors, lines, visual details and more should be subject to what is the design of the brand in general.

The look and feel

The colors

One of the first subjects when talking about the design of the website is the choice of colors to use.

Usually the color or colors that are part of the logo, symbol or brand image will be used in sections of the site.

However, it should be made clear that, due to the psychology of colors, some colors are associated to certain aspects, for example:

  • White with black, gold, silver or gray are used for websites of luxury products or services
  • Basic colors such as yellow, blue, red, green, purple, etc. in strong or vivid tones are often used on websites for children
  • For feminine style websites are common pink, purple and other colors in light tones
  • The navy blue might be the most appropriate for websites targeted to men
  • The yellow and red colors transmit energy and action, so they would be ideal for websites related to recreation, physical activities, etc.
  • Universally, green is considered as the ecological color, so any website that is related with the subject could think of adopting it as its primary color

Of course, this selection can be useful as ideas to start the project, but the brand will definitely be the criteria that sets the tone for the design of the website.

The tipography or font

Another key issue in the design of the website is the tipography, font or typeface to use.

Again, if the company already has that established in its brand manual, that is exactly the one that should be used, except if that ia a typeface, font or typeface with serif.

The serif is that curved section of the fonts that is present, for example, in typography or letters that simulate handwriting. It looks great on books and printed material, but not so much on the screens.

This is because the screens are formed of pixels, which are square areas that contain the information of what to display. Since pixels are squares, they can not actually draw curves.

When a screen has a huge amount of pixels per inch, as Apple devices, the eye does not perceive those squares. That’s why the letters and drawings look perfectly circular.

However, the screens of other brands are not usually so accurate.

Hence it is better that the typography, font or font used on websites is sans serif, that is, as simple as possible, without much decoration. This will help make it easier and faster to read by users.

The images

According to some studies the images are processed 60,000 times faster in our mind than text. However, the ideas transmitted by the images are only primary, while the written text or oral communication allows us to better understand, in greater depth, the message we want to convey.

Images play a decisive role in capturing the attention of users. The images, to be useful for the website, must meet 4 conditions:

  1. Light
  2. Good quality
  3. Optimized
  4. Go according to the contextual content

The images to be used on the website should be light. For that, they should first be edited with some imaging software that can reduce their size in bites without reducing their quality.

There is no rule about how many kilobites an image should have for the web, but the less the better. This will be especially important for those who visit from phones or on poor connections.

Uses images always, but remember: less is more.

Another issue to consider is to prevent images from being pixilated. Sometimes this happens when it comes to increasing the size of a small image. A web page that shows pixelated images or with a poor balance of colors, makes you think bad of the company, even with distrust.

Optimizing images for the web means setting attributes so that Google and other search engines know what that particular image is about. Virtually any image on the website may indicate title, caption and alternative text.

This last option, the alternative text, is the most important because it would be shown up if, for some reason, the image wouldn’t load.

Last, but not least, the images must match to the content. You must show images that are relatives to the content.

Are you ready to have your own website?

The functionality of the website

The functionality of the website

Since the beginning of Web 2.0, websites must be interactive, that is, they must allow users to perform actions.

The most basic action of a website is to allow the sending of an email. However, other websites are designed for users to register, buy, comment, etc.

In the case of these websites, it is imperative that a user can effectively carry out his/her action successfully.

If users try to take action and get stuck, they will go to another website that allows them to do what they need.

It is very important, particularly when the operation involves money, that users be informed of the transaction status.

If it is not possible for a website to effectively perform a function, it is better not to offer it.

The usability of the website

Usability is a really wide concept. When we talk about usability in websites, we refer to the ease we give users to use them.

As it becomes easier for visitors to interact, we can say that the website has good usability.

If a website has excellent usability, it will provide a good experience for users.

The usability of the website

This way they will have a good perception of the website which will lead them to perform the tasks for which it was done. Moreover, a good user experience will make visitors come back time and time again.

The first rule of usability is “Do not make me think”. With this it is clear that the look and feel of the website must be done so that targeted users can feel comfortable and navigate the site intuitively.

Surely based on that rule was created the philosophy KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!), Which we follow faithfully in all our developments. That way we help the visitors of our clients to focus on the main purpose of the website.

Although there is no standard as to the number of options that should be presented to users in the start menu, it is good to remember that less is more.

The first rule of usability is “Do not make me think”

The different buttons, tabs or links that are seen at the top of the website draw powerfully the attention of the users. If we give them many options we can confuse them or, worse, take them away from the main purpose of the website.

Another issue that we care a lot in the websites we design is the use of the contrast between the background and the graphic elements.

For example, for someone to press a button, it must be obvious that it exists and the utility it has. The microcopy of the button, as well as its size and color are very important elements.

On the other hand, when on a website users must perform processes, they should be clean, brief, simple and focused. There should be indications of the steps to be taken and what is missing to finish. If they do not meet these conditions, few visitors may be willing to complete them.

"Web design is not just about creating pretty layouts. It’s about understanding the marketing challenge behind your business"
- Mohamed Saad

The content of the website

They say that on websites the content is king, and we also believe it. That is why we struggle so hard for create great content in the web.

We teach and encourage to our customers to create the best possible content, for the benefit of their users or customers.

When we talk about the content of a website, we refer to text, images, videos, downloadable files and other information in any format that will be available on the site for the benefit or knowledge of users or customers.

The content of the website

For example, for the website of a company, the text, images and videos that give information about its services, placed in the pages that speak of those services will be of top importance.

If we were talking about an e-commerce or a marketplace, the description of the products, images and optionally videos or downloadable datasheets would be the most important content.

A key factor in producing content for the web is thinking about the audience. This is what determines what type and in what format the content should be produced.

The audience would be your target customers or users. It is logical to think that the style, and even the format of the content changes according to the target audience.

For example, it would not be the same to produce content for adolescent girls than for senior men. So, the first thing is to define the buyer person.

The next step is to write content optimally for the web. As we have extensive experience with copywriting and SEO, we know that it is quite different from writing for print media. In fact, we publish articles and offer courses to teach writing for the web.

A matter of vital importance is to remain original. No content from other websites should be copied, as this is penalized by Google and other search engines.

But in addition, creating your own style and being original is extremely important to create a user base that frequently visits the website.

Are you ready to have your own website?

Technical elements of the website

Everyone who wants to have their website or website must decide what domain name to use, where it will be hosted and what programming language or CMS will use to manage it and deliver the contents.

The domain is the name of the electronic address of a website. For example, in this case it is hlusick.com. The domains have one or several extensions to indicate their use or origin. About this subject, we have written this article that you are invited to read.

Technical elements of the website

The server or hosting is the hard disk where the digital files that compound the website are placed. These servers usually have some additional services, such as emails with the domain name, etc. The ideal is to use a server in the country where the target audience of the website is.

Some hosting or servers, such as GoDaddy or Softlayer, are very famous worldwide for their security and service continuity.

The programming language is the set of logical instructions or algorithms that produce the website. Instead of choosing a language, you may use a CMS, such as WordPress, which has been created in PHP.

In any case, good web designers know well both HTML and CSS, so they personalize the websites they make.

These technical elements are important because they can mean the difference between getting users, or even having them coming back. A successful domain name can be catchy and rememberable for users.

A good server and a good choice of programming language or CMS can cause the website to be loaded in less than 3 seconds, the time reasonably users today expect it to take on loading their website.

So you have to carefully choose these aspects before starting the web project.

Your website MUST be responsive

A responsive website is one wich content can be adapted automatically to any screen and remain easy to use.

Nowadays, more than 50% of visits to websites are made from tablets and smartphones. That trend will increase day by day.

That is why, responsive websites, are not longer just an option, but a must.

We design SEO friendly websites

It is useless to design a website that nobody will find or use. That’s why our greatest effort is to make your website easy to index by search engines, with Google being the main.

Because of that we perform a series of tasks that few web designers do, because all that are very methodical works that is not obvious.

We launch the site and let it know to the search engines. Of course, if you wish we can continue with you to propose, advise and help you with digital strategies or SEO campaigns for your products or services.

We design SEO friendly websites
We insert Google Analytics in websites

We insert Google Analytics in websites

One of the first things we do when starting to design a website is to insert the Google Analytics script. This way you can be aware of the analytics of your website.

Although it is not the only web analytics tool available in the market, it is the one that has the most acceptance. The information you provide is often very important to get to know your audience.

Of course, Google Analytics offers only data. If you wish, we can use our experience to form relevant information with that data and help you make decisions regarding digital strategies in the short, medium and long term.

Website or webpage? What is the difference?

Although people speak of websites and webpages as the same, there is a difference between these concepts.

A website is a set of web pages grouped under the same domain. For example, www.hlusick.com is a website. It is composed of a home page, a contact page, a service page, a testimonial page, one page about us and a blog. Even more, the blog shows several articles, and each one of them is a page.

On the other hand, a web page is a section of content that shows certain information. For example. A contact form is displayed on the contact page so visitors can send email. The testimonials page shows the opinions of clients about our work.

As a comparison, we could say that a website is like a bunch of grapes, while each page is like an individual grape. However, there are websites that are only one page, and that is exactly how they are named. So we can call them both website and webpage.

Our clients say

Some of our clients have expressed their opinion about our services. We are honored to have their words on our website. If you want to see more, check our testimonials page.

It has been a very positive experience working with Hlusick, a professional team dedicated to excellence. We are very satisfied with their services in our site. Despite the short time on the web we have had new contacts across the page. We are committed to continuous improvement and are working to implement its recommendations.

Arelis Corona

Hlusick’s work is neat. Always with an excellent disposition, an efficient and very effective execution. We marveled at the professionalism and experience that characterizes them, the whole Laurel Eventos team is very pleased with their services and we are proud to have met them.

Laura González

Hlusick has been a key player in the development and management of marketing, financial and structural strategies for Salud en Imagen Health Center, always providing high level of knowledge, assertiveness, innovation and responsibility. Always with the best disposition to adapt to the requirements of each company and impelling it to success through its strategic method.

María José Díaz Curé

The project they have performed has been attached to the requirements the company has made, not without leaving aside their observations, in a very professional and patient way.

Carolina Hurtado

"If you want to achieve what you have not yet achieved, you need to do what you have not tried"
- Anonymous

Post-website-launch plans

More than just designing the site and then forgetting about it, we can and want to become your Digital Marketing Department.

This could include all the digital services you need, from the creation of the logo or even branding (which, logically would be before making the website) to the web analytics report and SEO strategies.

In addition, with one of these packages you do not have to invest much money at the beginning, but you make a small monthly payment, just like any other service.

Of course, all this plans are optionals.


Basic Plan

(Billed quartely)

  • Technical Support 24/7/365
  • Anti-hacking Protection
  • Monthly or Weekly Backup
  • Web software updates
  • Upload your content
  • Web Analytics Report
  • 600 words SEO friendly post copywriting
  • SEO Campaings
  • Marketing Strategies Development


Pro Plan

(Billed quartely)

  • Technical Support 24/7/365
  • Anti-hacking Protection
  • Monthly or Weekly Backup
  • Web software updates
  • Upload your content
  • Web Analytics Report
  • 600 words SEO friendly post copywriting
  • SEO Campaings
  • Marketing Strategies Development


Super Plan

(Billed quartely)

  • Technical Support 24/7/365
  • Anti-hacking Protection
  • Monthly or Weekly Backup
  • Web software updates
  • Upload your content
  • Web Analytics Report
  • 600 words SEO friendly post copywriting
  • SEO Campaings
  • Marketing Strategies Development

Are you ready to have your own website?

Not ready to take a decision?

That’s quiet alright. Let’s call a day and talk it later.

Anyway, the web design is for us, more than a job, a passion. We are excited to start a new project by imagining how many people it can impact. If you have a web project, we can help you out to make it happen.

There are a huge variety of websites types. If you are still not clear exactly what you need, or if you doubt that something can be done, we invite you to talk with us to clarify the ideas.

The development and custom design we make goes from a single web page to a website with hundreds of pages.

So, whenever you want, contact us.

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