Photography: Is really important for the web?

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Photography: Is really important for the web?

Images are able to capture the attention and allow people to understand the message quickly. A web that does not have images is like a house without people. This house could be very well made, but what gives the warmth of home are the members of the family that lives there.

In particular, the role of photography in the web has been better understood lately. Now is common to see a hero image at the top of the page. This has had very positive effects on the reception of visitors.

What style of photography should your site have?

But it is not enough simply to have photographs on our website and social networks. It is necessary that these images are of both technical and artistic quality.

When we talk about the technical quality we refer to how the image looks. For example, an image must keep its proportions, so that it does not appear stretched along or across.

Also, it should not be placed in a space beyond its own size, because that would make it look pixelated.

Similarly, a very small image, or placed without a because in some section of the page, loses its purpose.

On the other hand the images must be of artistic quality. This is achieved by making a good composition, placing a good lighting and checking that all people or things that are photographed are in optimal conditions of cleaning and grooming.

It is good to check even the surroundings of the photo so that nothing will muddle it. If necessary, generic photos can be obtained for almost any subject in image banks such as iStock or Shutterstock.

Are you ready to have your own website?

The Importance of Images

Since the images manage to capture the attention and allow people to understand faster than even reading, it should also be used as icons instead of text to create the links.

However, before placing any image on your website, check if it is certainly indicated for what you intend to use it, if it means what you want people to understand from your website.

In addition, it must be in line with the rest of the images of your site so that the whole of your website draws attention on your site and not just a photo.

Be careful not to go to the other end and place too many photos on your web.

Your website should not give the impression of being overloaded with images. If users feel that, it may be necessary to discard some and leave only those that have meaning.

One last warning: use only quality images. A poor image in technical and / or artistic quality will achieve the opposite effect: visitors will leave your page and probably with a bad impression of your company.

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