How a website for a product or service should be

Sometimes, a brand may need to create a website for a product or service only.

It may not be the most common, but there may be valid reasons.

Why sometimes is necessary a website for a product or service

This may be the only product or service of the brand, or the most important one.

Some brands, such as Kellogg’s, have a clear digital strategy, so they design a website for each country where they have a presence and another one for each of their main products in that country.

Another reason may be the representation of a product for a country or region. A company different from the one that produces the product is the one that sells it in a certain country.

It is also possible that, for a time, a specific product or service is the most important part of the company. During that time it would be convenient to have a particular website for that product or service.

In fact, a brand or company may have a product or service that they want to promote independently, for the people do not even know who the manufacturer is or who provides the service.

An example of this is the Mustang. Few people know that it is manufactured by Ford.

The brand, Ford, does not even put its logos anywhere on the vehicle. The reason is that it goes out of the standard of the cars manufactured by Ford.

The same case occurs with the Toyota Lexus line. In both cases, due to the nature of the product, it is better to be independent of the manufacturer brands.

Now suppose you factor a product or provide a service that you consider different from the rest of what you do, or that you prefer to have a “life of your own.”

In that case, it’s time to create a website for a particular product or service.

The design of the website for a product or service

Since this website is only for that product or service, the design should be the same as the product.

For example, if it is a physical product, that has a package, then it already has a design.

This design is composed of a particular color or colors, a typeface and some other elements, such as spaces, lines, etc.

For example, if the box of the product, and the product itself is yellow and blue, the ideal would be that the website of that product is also yellow and blue.

As far as possible, the graphic design of the product should be reflected in the interface or visual part (look and feel) of the website.

Now, suppose the service is legal or accounting advice. Even if you do not have a graphic design as a physical product, you will surely have a certain style on the letterheads, business cards, etc.

Then, it would be best to reflect that graphic design in the website visualization. So users can feel is the same brand.

Anyway, the design of the website of a product or service is very important. It helps give the product or service the character it needs.

Of course, when we talk about the design of the website, it includes several other aspects, such as the logo, images, elements of the interface, etc.

What users will do with the product or service

Another aspect to plan carefully is that what we want customers can do when they find the website of our product or service.

If it is a physical product, the most logical thing is that it can be sold. Or if it is addressed to a particular audience, perhaps request a quote.

If it is not possible for the product to be sold or delivered, for any valid reason, the users must be able to indicate their desire to obtain it and interact with the people who manage the website.

This could be done through a contact form.

In the case of digital products, it should be possible to download or access them immediately, after the purchase or registration.

The applications often have web pages where they explain or give support. In these, the main action to be encouraged is to download the application in the stores where it is available.

If it is a digital service, say for example, an online course or an advisory, it should be possible to start immediately or allow a date to be set for execution.

The style and language

Generally the websites for products or services are usually of the “one page” type.

This means that it is a unique page and that the user, instead of going from one link to another, can see all the information by scrolling.

In those cases you do not need a menu at the top, but it is ideal to give indications of what is more information below.

The images and videos can explain better than words some things, so it is convenient to have enough, all that contribute to the content.

The text that is placed on the page should be enough to answer all the concerns that a potential client may have.

It is likely that many users have never had the product in their hands or have not experienced the service.

Sections that a web page must have for a product or service

Not necessarily all the sections that I mention below are equally relevant in each case, but it is necessary to outline them all.

Frequently asked questions

A section of frequently asked questions and answers is a must be on a website for a product or service.

No question is too obvious to be placed there. The information needs vary from user to user.

If possible, try to answer completely the questions that are posed, instead of giving simplistic answers and encouraging users to contact.

Many users do not want to contact, because they feel it is a degree of commitment, but everyone wants complete information.

Consider this section as subject to change at all times.


Almost no one is willing to buy something if they are not sure that you have a guarantee or that you can get help if they need it.

If you give a money back guarantee in case of not being satisfied with the product or service, it makes clear what are the rules that you establish. And when someone asks for the guarantee, give it out.

Some people offer a guarantee of 30 days or less, without asking questions. If that will be your case, let him know clearly.

On the other hand, your product or service may have several levels, and that the support depends on the level or type that is acquired.

If so, it is convenient to make a comparative table of the different types or levels of the product or service that you offer, and the support you will give.

I have noticed that some products are excellent, but the support is not so much, and that is why does not have the preference of the customers.

But also sometimes, a product that is not so special, has a magnificent support, which is reflected in the opinions of customers.


As much as you speak wonders of what you product or service, customers will only believe a part. But to the other customers who rate your product or service they will believe everything.

That is why including the opinions of customers is almost mandatory to help improve credibility and confidence.

In User Experience we say that trust comes first and then business comes.

So it’s proven that users will need to see you as reliable to decide to buy you.

The first opinions should ask you directly to those who have been your customers. As a general rule, letting them say their experience, in their own words, without interfering, results in more natural ratings.

Over time you will receive more opinions, from clients that you may not know personally. Some may not be as favorable, but those can also help you, to seem credible.

Not even Superman is loved by absolutely everyone.

Mailing list

The mailing lists, to send newsletters, are an essential resource for websites that are for a product or service.

They are important because many of the users will not buy the product or service, but if they have something of interest, they could do something with less commitment, such as accepting information from the brand.

This is ideal, since a customer may not be monetized at some time, but may be he/she buys or pays for something in the future.

For this, it is necessary to place a subscription form.

It is good to say in a friendly way how often the updates would be sent. For example, “once a month we will send you a short email”.

In fact, it would be great to include clients or potential customers that you can get on this list by any means.

Contact form

If your website, whatever its type, does not have a contact form, it is incomplete.

This contact section should be obvious and allow, in addition to sending an email, some information, such as the company’s email.

Some users prefer to know the email and communicate later.

This contact form should make it clear to the user that the process has been successful or not.

Options for more information

Even if you make a maximum effort to inform as much as possible about the product or service, there will always be – and that is positive – someone who wants to know more.

There must be several means available so that those who need more information can communicate with you.

Although the contact form is an option, providing the phone and the address of a physical place where someone could visit you is an excellent way to gain the trust of users.

In addition, a live chat can be a good way to satisfy the curiosity of potential customers.

In particular, I recommend my clients use all these means; instead of just some

What to do when the website for your product or service is ready

If you’re ready, well congratulations! Now the time has come to make it known.

Whatever tool you use to make your brand, product or service known, make sure you can measure the results.

Sure you know that what is not measured, can not be improved.

Since making a whole website for a product is usually a considerable investment of time, effort and money, do your best because it results in good.

Hlusick can help you to create the website for your product or service

Everything that is contained in this article comes from the research that has been done as to what works and what does not, plus the experience gained in projects of this type.

We will love using our skills to make your web project. Contact us immediately to get down to work.

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