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Jonathan Campos
Creative Director

For over 12 years we have been improving the digital presence of our customers. And we just get started. Give us the opportunity to create or improve your website for you to grow in the digital space.

Our Manifesto

Our work will never end, because information never ends.

When we think the job is perfect, we keep looking for ways to improve it.

Nothing in life is static, so we are always learning new trends and ways of doing things.

We believe that the two most valuable things that exist are time and name. That is why we take care of yours and ours.

Truth must be said. So from us you will always get the truth, even if it is not pleasant.

We make projects useful and visually pleasing. One thing does not nullify the other.

We will not have only a client-supplier relationship with you. We get involved until you achieve the success you want.

The Team

We are a team of professionals from different areas, focused on making a better web. We create useful websites for public use and we develop private projects for specific clients. Do you need to improve your website or create a new one? We can help you.

Jonathan Campos

Jonathan Campos
Creative Director

Web & Graphic Design, UX/UI, Usability and Digital Marketing expert.

María Angélica Rodríguez

Journalist. Specialized content creator. Social media manager.

Stephanny Gallango

Journalist. Specialized content creator. Social media manager.

Carmen Barbera

Journalist. Specialized content creator. Social media manager.

José Nazianzeno

José Nazianzeno

Venezuela Commercial Representative

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Our own projects

In addition to the private projects we carry out for our clients, we create web projects for public use, mostly directories and thematic communities. Here, some examples.


Bellizzimas as a web application that comes to fill an empty space about of women beauty services directory.

It is targeret to women between 15 and 40 years old, interested in take care of their good looking.

All people and companies that offer beauty services for women, such as hairdressing, eyebrows, massage, makeup, gym, etc. can register and offer their services.

Particular interest has been made in making the site very user-friendly. In addition, there is the possibility to write ratings about the service providers, which allows the following prospective clients to make the decision to use them or not.

This site also has a blog, forums and soon information of beauty events.


Cuchiterías is a web application whose objective is to find shops of products and services for children and young ones.

It is targeted mainly to mothers seeking for products or services for the needs of their children.

All stores offering services and products for children and young ones, such as nurseries, toys, party supplies, clothing and shoes, teaching materials, children’s furniture, etc. can make a profile to offer their products.

The idea is to be easy to use, using geolocation. A matter of great value is the posibility to write reviews of the stores that are visited or purchased. These help stores to get noticed.

In addition, a blog has been created, forums and later information related to children’s or youth events.


Decoradísima is a web application whose objective is to find decoration products and services shops.

It is targeted to young adults both men and women who are looking for decoration products or services such as kitchens, closets, marbles, ceramics, office furniture, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Those who own stores that offer these products or some more related can create a profile.

The objective is that all users find it easy to use. As a key point, users can write reviews of the stores they have bought or visited.

Additionally a blog, forums and in the near future, events related to decoration have been included.

Do you want to tell us a bit about your project? That would be great. You can reach us by several ways, or use the contact form.