Let's get to the nitty gritty here

How is the process to design a website?

The experience working with many web projects has helped us to delineate a process that has worked very well. The goal is to have your website up and running in just a few days.

Step 1: Pre-design meeting

We meet with you to talk about your project. We listen carefully to understand clearly what your wishes and ideas are. If we see it appropriate, we offer our recommendations, based on the experience of many years in the design of websites and our constant research of the best practices.

Websites for Healthcare - Step 1: Pre-design meeting
Websites for Healthcare - Step 2: Research

Step 2: Research

Once we know whom you are targeting, we spend some time researching your audience and analyzing the competition. We do this so you can have a better digital proposal than the existing one. The ideal is to differentiate you with some added value to obtain the targeted audience’s preference.

Step 3: Design

After we have compiled all the information and have established the strategy, we get hands on to design your website. This process consists of making the information architecture and defining the look and feel for your website. This series of activities can be as long as 3 days.

Websites for Healthcare - Step 3: Design
Websites for Healthcare - Step 4: Launching

Step 4: Launching

Once your website is ready, is time to launch it. We inform Google and other search engines about your website and leave everything ready for you to start receiving visitors.